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Oscar – Sheffield Wednesday

Oscar – Sheffield Wednesday

Star Signing – OSCAR

Congratulations to Oscar Fowler for doing the business with Sheffield Wednesday. This lads a machine in the middle of the park.💪Oscar is an all round top baller. He can execute all the moves with style & conviction. He has a killer strike with his left & right. He is also strong & aggressive in the tackle. In addition to this Oscar is a phenomenal athlete he wins all our marathons at DSC. Oscar also didn’t use the lockdown to be lazy & be negative he used it as an opportunity! That was clear to see when we saw his name tune in to all our workouts, it didn’t go unnoticed.👏Oscar has come on massively in terms of his confidence & self belief. He has always performed in the matches, his footballing ability can’t be questioned. He now plays with an air of confidence around him and with masses amount of self belief. You have got the desire, work rate, ability and now the confidence. Make sure you go to Sheffield and give it everything.

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